byLiberTango started in 2015 when I asked yourself “why I don`t sell my jewelry”. Before 2015 I also worked with beads but it was others techniques and I couldn’t understand what I want “to make jewelry in difficult and confusing technique” or “crochet necklaces and bracelets” or “to weave jewelry in one technique”. And I chose to weave jewelry in one technique and focus my imagination on design. A few years ago I told “I don`t want to work with abstract design because it`s difficult and needed a lot time”. Now I am working with abstract and geometric design of jewelry and I enjoy it. Nothing is impossible. Till 2022 I also worked for an Insurance Company and combinated 2 jobs. Now I decided to devote myself completely to my brand.

Every day I wake up and do work which I love with all my heart. I love to design my jewelry, to weave, to take a picture, to pack and ship your orders and to get your message of thanks.

About me. My name is Nastin (full name - Anastasiia). I am 33 years old. Here some facts about me:

  • I weave beaded jewelry last 8 years.
  • I like mountains and organize your own trips to different countries. Favorite countries for hiking – Ukraine (native Carpathians), Romania and Portugal (Madeira). Favorite countries for traveling – Sweden, Denmark and Italia.
  • I drink red dry wine.
  • I love vintage clothes.
  • I like to run where there are fewer people. Before a war in Ukraine it was a field which is visible from the window of my apartment in Gostomel, but unfortunately now it isn`t a safe place for running.
  • I didn't like reading books when I was adult, but last 2 years I regularly read. Favorite books - Where the Crawdads Sing (Delia Owens), Into the Labyrinth (Donato Carrisi), The Great Alone (Kristin Hannah).
  • When I weave I watch films or serials. Favorite films – Sweet November, One day, Incendies. Favorite serials - Black Mirror.
Thank you!